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Working with us


Working with us



  • A potential client views my website and decides if I am right for their project.
  • The client makes contact. If time allows we arrange to conduct a recce of the project in hand.
  • Once a recce has been conducted I will submit a cost estimate to the client detailing how long the shoot will take to complete.
  • If a recce is not possible I will submit an estimate based on the clients written brief.
  • Should the client wish to go ahead, we arrange a shoot date.
  • I photograph the project to the best of my ability.            
  • After the shoot I work on the images in post production. This is called the edit.
  • Once completed I supply the retouched images to the client.
  • I archive the images to the cloud.

On the Shoot...

Frequently asked questions

Do you work with a stylist?

Most of the time.  But I can't stress how important it really is working with a stylist. They bring so much more to a shoot. They add all the finishing touches. They add the wow factor!

A stylist is an absolute must have if you wish your Interior shoot to look its best!

Why do you need a photographic assitant?

I carry alot of photographic equipment and lighting gear. My vehicle is jam packed with equipment and props. Clients will get more out of me if there is an extra pair of hands to help with the moving around of equipment. An assistant is a real must have if there's alot to do. He or she will be worth every penny.

Do you shoot tethered to a computer?

Yes I do. This way the client can view the images as I shoot them witness the level of expertise required and make their final selection as we progress through the shoot.


I cannot stress the importance of digital post production. Its a crucial part of the photographic process, and a very personal and  integral time consuming part of my workflow.

Back at my office, generally a couple of days after a shoot, I colour balance and process out the RAW files using specialist conversion software called Capture One Pro. I carefully consider all aspects of the photograph before converting the Raw files to TIFF files. This first stage can take some time as each file that I shoot is over 100 megabytes in size.

On most shoots I can easily take a hundred or a few hundred captures. Although, this doesn't mean that the client will recieve hundreds of images, as sometimes I take many more captures to build, style and create one image, and sometimes I merge many images together to create one master image and that will be the final image presented to the client.

Once the files have been processed out as Tiffs, I retouch and clean each image using another professional software package called Photoshop CC. Each image is then further enhanced using a variety of techniques.
On average I spend around twenty minutes working on one image in photoshop. Some can take longer to retouch.
As an example, in order to show the time spent working on images. If I shot twenty five shots in a day and then spent twenty minutes retouching each shot. This equates to eight hours of retouching, add the file processing time, archiving and upload to dropbox and you have a nine hour day.

This is why I charge for post-production. It takes a long time and considerable skillset to be able to deliver the highest quality images to the client.

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Digital Files

Digital Files

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Frequently asked questions.

In what format will the digital files be supplied to us?

Images can be supplied to all clients as High resolution Tiff files and or Hi resolution JPEGS. I can also supply clients with low/medium sized JPEGS for emailing purposes.

How large will the TIFF and JPEG files be?

Each high resolution file supplied will be around a 100mb in size. (TIFF files are 110MB) Resolution will be at 300 dpi. The colour profile Adobe RGB 1998.

How will you suppy the digital files?

Files are transferred digitally using a file transfer service such as Dropbox or We transfer. This is a great way of sharing files should they be needed urgently. Or, if the client prefers or if this is an extensive job and at a small extra cost I can supply the images via a USB storage device or dedicated hard-drive.

Do you keep a copy of the digital files?

Yes I store all my files in many different ways. Digital asset management is very important to me. Therefore I archive all my files to the cloud ( Which is an off site storage facility as well as backing up locally to harddrive and server)

Who owns the copyright of the digital files?

As the image creator and photographer  I maintain the copyright, unless otherwise agreed. I am fairly flexible on copyright. The one thing I stipulate is that I retain the right to promote and market my imagery. E.G  On my website and on social media. Please note: Usage fees will need to be negotiated if my images are to be used for advertising purposes.

Can I file share with my Partner suppliers to reduce the cost of the photography?

Yes I am happy to issue a licence in this instance which grants permission to all named parties of those suppliers involved in the photo-shoot. If the same suppliers share costs to facilitate a shoot then I am ok with this. Please note all parties must be named on an Intellectual property: Licence to use agreement in advance and therefore licensed to reproduce photographs.

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About Pricing...


Frequently asked questions.


Do you charge by a dayrate or by the hour?

I charge by 'dayrate' and by a 'half-dayrate'

How much do you charge for a day?

Depending on the job, I charge between £795- £995 per day plus expenses.

How much do you charge for a 'Half- Day?'

I charge £595 for a half-day shoot plus expenses.

What does this fee include?

My fee is for my photographic expertise along with the use of my photographic equipment (which is valued at over £30,000)

Do you charge a fee for digital post-production?

Yes, for every day that I spend shooting. I then spend a further day working on the images in digital post-production. This is a critical stage of the process, it takes time and skill and so I charge for this process accordingly. If I only shoot for half a day the post-production should only take half a day to complete.

How much do you charge for digital post-production?

I charge the same dayrate as my photographic fee. Although it does depend on the job. Sometimes I may shoot a small number of images, so I don't charge as much. Please contact me with a detailed job brief in order I can quote more accurately.

Are there any other expenses?

The only other expenses estimated in advance are: travel charged at £0.49 pence per mile, parking, accomodation, sustanance, taxi's (congestion charge if working in central London) rental of additional lighting and or equipment (if required) all charged at cost. Occasionally on larger jobs the cost of a hard-drive (if required) and a photographic assistant. Allow £150-200 for an assistant. Night shoots are time and a half.

Do you charge for a recce?

No, I am more than happy to recce a job within a 25 mile radius of my office for free.

How long is a days shoot?

A days shoot is typically 9am until 5pm. Allowing half an hour for lunch.

How long is a half-day shoot?

A half-day shoot is either 9am (start time)-1pm (finish) or 1pm start time to 5pm (finish)

What are your Payment Terms?

New clients pay a standard 50% upfront fee to cover out of pocket expenses. Otherwise 15 days from the date of the invoice.

Advertising Rates

Advertising rates and Image buy out fees are negotiated separately.